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Taste of Lee’s Summit 2014

My wife and I were guests at the 15th Annual Taste of Lee’s Summit on Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the Pavilion at John Knox Village. this is a great event that benefits the Lees Summit Educational Foundation Inc. There were silent auctions, a live auction with an amazing Auctioneer and of course Lees Summit Restaurants out in force to help support our children and the education system here in Lees Summit, MO. Even the impending snow and blizzard like conditions did not stop the public

What unites people and helps to promote any cause…Food does. There were many winners last night and everyone who attended had a smorgasbord of great foods to choose from. Are you looking to promote your event go ask your favorite Chef/Restaurant to help.

Dining out as a Chef

Sometimes people think that when Chefs go out to eat they are always hyper critical when it comes to other restaurants. That’s not always true, it’s just that we know what it takes to operate a restaurant, whether its the food, location or service staff. When a restaurant is not operating properly it really affects the dining pleasure of the guests.  One thing that bugs me the most is when a restaurant employee tells a guest that there are problems , as a Chef/Owner I would probably let that employee go. I really have an issue when a server tells a guest something like, “The kitchen is having a lot of problems tonight”. They are all one team and they need to act like it.

Tonight although we had reservations we brought 20 family and friends together to celebrate birthdays and enjoy a great dinner. We went to Boling’s on the Country Club Plaza and the night was a huge success from the food, service and of course their fabulous decor. Boling’s is a restaurant when the Chef going out to dinner can be another customer and not critique the evening.  Thank you for an awesome experience.

My Thoughts on Food

I have lived around the world and have searched out and have eaten at restaurants in dozens of countries and in different regions of the United States. I have eaten at 5-star restaurants and at street vendors carts along the sides of a road.

I like food where the cooks and Chefs take the time to taste the dishes they are preparing, whether they have cooked the dish once or thousands of times.  Do not rush the recipe and procedure. Please do not cut corners at my expense, let me taste the dish that you envisioned.  I truly love food it is not only my livelihood, but also my  hobby.

Also create dishes that compliment all the flavors, textures and excites my imagination. If items don’t go together do not tell me that it is a new concept and I need to use my imagination to truly appreciate it.  Some times we throw around the phrase “Fusion Cuisine” which although its cuisine that combines different culinary traditions. Please don’t try to dazzle me with a multitude of items thrown together in a blender that is reminiscent of an old Saturday Night Live (SNL)Skit

Chef Mark will be competing at the Taste of Elegance tonight.

Date/Time:  February 25, 2014 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Location:  Kansas City Marriott Downtown

200 West 12th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105


For more info check out The American Culinary Federation of Greater Kansas City Chef Association

Come check out the Taste of Elegance tonight!  I will be competing again this year.  It’s always a great time.  The Taste of Elegance is held every year in Kansas City.  It’s a great event to bring your friends and family.



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